A Note to Subscribers

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2018 . . . 

We’re making major changes at Higher Ed Management in 2018.

Going forward, our work will be focussed on supporting leaders working in higher education with the support they need to drive innovation within this critical social institution.

Higher education is at a critical point in its history. Public funding per student is down and tuition increases are assuming a record proportion of family income. While governments continue to call for higher levels of participation, as much as half of graduates are underemployed. Surveys suggest faith in the institution has slipped.

There’s a need for fresh thinking. But we also need to be able to turn good ideas into smart, practical projects that move your institution froward, despite the formidable obstacles.

Our institutional leaders need support. They need the right knowledge and skills so that they can lead initiatives, craft smart strategies, and communicate effectively across the enterprise.

Our goal at Higher Education Management is to provide higher education professionals with effective and timely executive development.

In the coming months, you’ll receive regular, but not overly frequent, emails that include:

  • Notes on topics of special importance to leaders in higher education management - all organised into collections. The first collections include Strategy, Change Management, and Business Model Innovation.
  • Short, online courses and programs that provide participants with tools and insights they need to lead successful institutional change. We kickstart the courses with a free webinar in late January (sign up here to receive notifications about all upcoming events).
  • Short essays that explore the most interesting issues in higher education, with a particular emphasis on the role of technology in the institution’s future.
  • Starting in early 2018 we will be offering one-day, on-site events for groups of higher education managers. Unlike many higher ed conferences, the event’s curriculum is coherent, tightly scripted, pitched at a level appropriate for professionals, and delivered by hand-picked experts.

About Us

Higher Ed Management is led by co-founders Dr Keith Hampson (Toronto, Canada) and Dan Sandhu (London, UK). Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, suggestions, or comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

To learn more about the founders, Keith Hampson and Dan Sandhu.

To learn more about the founders, Keith Hampson and Dan Sandhu.