We're in the early stages of building a library of content - articles, webinars, and short courses - designed to help managers in higher education expand their knowledge and skills. Topics covered include strategic planning, change management, business model innovation, internet economics, and more. Take a moment to review our list of topics and please feel free to suggest others. 


strategy & strategic planning (3 units, more coming EARLY 2018)

In this collection of short articles, we look at the critically important issues of strategy and strategic planning. We explore the key issues and processes that need to be kept front-of-mind when designing and implementing initiatives for colleges and universities. 

business models & Higher education (2 units, more coming EARLY 2018)

Business Models and Business Model Innovation are two areas that will be increasingly important to the sector as more institutions recognise the need to reimagine fundamental aspects of how our institutions operate. 

change management (coming EARLY 2018)

The enclosed articles outline the key issues and processes leaders in higher education need to lead the changes they imagine for their institutions. 


Internet economics & higher education (coming early 2018)

A review of the key changes brought on by the Internet and related technologies on institutions of higher education. 


Edtech & higher education (coming early 2018)

Key issues and lessons learnt by attempts to integrate technology into the teaching and learning processes of higher education.