1.1 I'm a Believer, I Couldn't Leave Her . . .

I’ve been working in the field of digital higher education since the late-1990s. I began in higher education as a member of university faculty where I focussed on consumer culture from a Critical-Theory, Neo-Marxist perspective. I left faculty to follow my interests in the potential of digital learning. I served an eight-year stint as the Director of what became a large online learning division in a university. I knew that to develop true competence in this emerging field I needed more than to simply study it as an academic, I needed to work within it. Since then, I’ve spent much of my time working as a consultant for start-ups, governments, colleges and universities, and corporations - in each case, trying to help them invest their resources wisely to support in the use of technology in higher education - particularly for online learning.

Photo by  Mink Mingle

Photo by Mink Mingle

My views on digital higher education have changed over the years. Yet, I still count myself among the allegiant. I have no doubt that technology can play an important, even transformative role in how teaching and learning is done in higher education. I’ve seen enough evidence to state with confidence that well designed and thoughtfully applied educational technology and media have the capacity to dramatically reduce the cost of learning, improve its speed and quality, and broaden the range of people that successfully participate in advanced learning. In short, I’m a believer.


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1.1 “I’m a Believer, I Couldn’t Leave Her . . .

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