Our workshops were born out of frustration. 

We've sat through far too many professional development events that failed to deliver much of value. Speakers and facilitators often have no direct experience in higher education. The curriculum is inevitably pitched to cater to the least knowledgeable person in the room - far below the level of most professionals that work in higher education. The various sessions don't fit together into a cohesive whole.  

At Higher Ed Management, we've designed events specifically to meet the needs of higher education leadership. All sessions are designed and facilitated by professionals with extensive experience working in higher education. Each component of the event is thoughtfully crafted to form a coherent curriculum, guided by clear objectives. The material is pitched at a level befitting professionals in higher education management and your team's full input is integral to each event. 

We invite you to review our first three offerings. Please contact us if you would like further information. 


the business of digital higher education

One-day event

The field of online and hybrid higher education has changed; no longer a niche offering, but a fundamental component of contemporary higher education. During the workshop, you and your colleagues will . . . 

  • Understand the common characteristics of leading online programs and institutions;
  • Learn how online enrolment patterns have evolved;
  • Explore how new organisational models are being used to more effectively leverage the potential of technology;
  • Review how blended / hybrid programming can be deployed to make more efficient use of both  and physical resources.

sustainable innovation in digital HIGHER EDUCATION

One-day event

The capacity of our institutions to imagine new and better ways to leverage advances in technology is fast becoming a core competency. The institution needs to develop the capacity to test and scale new ideas across the institution and across the sector. These competencies can't be outsourced. 

The one-day event examines the state of innovation in digital higher education, including:  

  • Which strategies institutions are deploying to bolster innovation that improves the quality and cost-effectiveness of digital learning? Which of these strategies have proven to be most effective? 
  • How can we free up time for staff and faculty so that they can dedicate more time to exploring new opportunities? 
  • What are simple but effective ways of ensuring that knowledge developed in one part of the institution is shared across the entire institution? 
  • What role do incentives play in driving innovation? Which incentives are most impactful? 
  • How do we become better at testing and implementing new ideas without disrupting our existing processes.


One-day event

Well-crafted and effective strategy is unusually rare in higher education. Too often strategic planning sessions produce little more than a list of goals, accompanied by vague notes that provide little clarity about how the institution will achieve them. While institutions have no shortage of good ideas (e.g. “expand access to under-represented groups”), these are rarely matched with plans to stop other initiatives. 

This workshop is an opportunity for you and your team to . . .

  • Learn how to execute strategic planning in ways that align with the unique demands and needs of higher education;  
  • Develop a roadmap for designing and executing strategic planning - for a single program or the entire institution;
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of strategic planning that have plagued other colleges and universities;
  • Review some of the more successful strategies deployed at other colleges and universities.