Group Member Interview: Founders of, Liz Dietz & Vicki Tambellini

Liz Dietz and Vicki Tambellini – both members of the Higher Education Management Group (LinkedIn) -recently launched Edu1World. They kindly agreed to share the ‘big picture’ thinking that is behind the initiative. 

KH: What’s the basic idea behind the service? is an online resource for connecting administrators, staff, vendors and associations who care about information technology and business issues affecting higher education.

KH: Where did you get the inspiration for

We’ve been researching and connecting people in higher education to technology solutions and best practices since 2001.  Recently, new enterprise social media platforms made it possible for us to deliver this information to the industry much more quickly.  This inspired us to deliver online the in-depth research and insights that people in the higher education market have been requesting for years. Higher education senior administrators and staff have been telling us that they want more insights and less “data”. They want to easily connect with colleagues and with peer institutions. They want to share information as part of a large community that is not affiliated with a particular vendor. We are delivering that with

KH: Where would you like to see in two years?”   

First, is the “go to” site for finding information related to technology solutions and best practices in higher education by institutions that are selecting a new information technology solution or maximing their past technology investments. Second, has provided more market transparency and contributed to higher education’s effectiveness and affordability through lowering the acquisition costs and increasing the adoption of information technology solutions.

Vicki Tambellini 
Liz Dietz 

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