csr695The Economist provides an excellent article examining the status of the rising middle class within developing nations (e.g. China, India). The rise of these groups, particularly in China and India, are likely to not only radically expand enrollment in higher education, but change it as well.

From the Economist (Feb 12 2009)

“Education is high on any list of middle-class values. Around the world, parents scrimp and save to send their kids to school and compete with one another to get into the best schools. The middle class invests more in the next generation than do either the poor or, in one way, even the rich. Middle-class families do not take their children out of school to work in the fields or in a sweatshop because they do not need the tiny extra income a child’s labour brings in. In several countries, school enrolment rates for children aged seven to 12 in families earning $6-10 a day are twice as high as in families on less than $2.”

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