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Today’s students have grown up hearing more about Bill Gates than F.D.R., and they live in a world where startling innovations are commonplace. The current crop of 18-year-olds, after all, were 8 when Google was ­founded by two students at Stanford; Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004 while he was at Harvard and they were entering high school. Having “grown up digital” (to borrow the title of Don Tapscott’s recent book on the Net Generation), they are impatient to get on with life.

College Students as Innovators
College Students as Innovators

“They’re great collaborators, with friends, online, at work,” Mr. Tapscott wrote. “They thrive on speed. They love to innovate.”

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One thought on “Dreamers and Doers: College Students and Innovation

  1. I think it is great that many colleges/universities are offering innovation/entrepreneurship courses however it would be good to see similar training embraced by existing businesses.

    If we don’t then not only will businesses be missing out on huge opportunities to harness innovation within but we also risk a great divide in thinking between working generations.

    I really think you would find there are some incredibly creative and innovative ‘older’ workers who didn’t have this type of thinking encouraged to the same degree.


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