Google: The (Education Technology) Business Killer?

I recently heard Google referred to as ‘the business killer’; the inference being that whatever market Google targeted could no longer make money. I was reminded of this as I read about Google’s push into educational technology.

Ad from Google placed within The Chronicle of Higher Education
Ad from Google placed within The Chronicle of Higher Education

While Google’s email and calendar applications have made considerable headway on college campuses, they have also recently hooked up with open source LMS (learning management system), Moodle. According to Dave Nagel at THE Journal . . .

Google Apps Education Edition is coming to an open source learning management system near you. Moodlerooms, a Moodle partner, is launching a new enhancement to the open source LMS in collaboration with search giant Google to provide access to the application suite using a single sign-on.

The financial pressures in higher education give colleges obvious and immediate reasons to be interested in open source (Moodle) and Google’s ad-revenue model. However, I’m not entirely confident that decision-makers on our campuses have an altogether clear understanding of the short and long-term costs of these alternative business models. Nevertheless, current financial requirements and a socio-cultural predilection for the concept of open source may make the Moodle-Google model very attractive to some.

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