News: Online Education’s Great Unknowns – Inside Higher Ed

The Campus Computing Project and Eduventures conducted a study earlier this year that asked many of the most pressing questions about online learning. Eduventures was kind of enough to forward me an advance copy (of their version), but I understand the report will be made available very soon. The article in this morning’s Inside Higher Ed smartly focusses on one of the most interesting insights from the report: the lack of knowledge within our colleges and universities as to the financial impact – current and future – of online programming. This is something I’ve made a point of touching on in a number of conference presentations during the last 3-4 years. The lack of understanding of the financial impact of online learning is particularly odd given that many schools invest in online learning for financial reasons.

The report from Eduventures is a gem; it reflects a deep understanding of key issues in online higher education.

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