This is a fascinating story. From IHE:

“The document, “Putting the Customer First in College,” calls on the U.S. Education Department to create an Office of Consumer Protection in Higher Education that would (1) pressure colleges to produce significantly better data on how well they serve students, (2) develop a system for making that data available for students to use in choosing a college, and (3) direct students unhappy with their colleges’ educational practices to federal, state, or accrediting officials who can help them resolve their complaints. “In most sectors of our economy, customer focus is paramount, as it should be in education, too,” the author, Louis Soares, writes in the paper. “Customer focus could yield a more student-centric system through the development and dissemination of user-friendly ‘truth-in-education’ information that helps students make ‘best-fit’ choices regarding which education provider to select based on customer preferences such as: academic quality, price, convenience, learning style, beginning education level and the anticipated return on their investment in education.”

Read more at Inside Higher Ed

Link to the White Paper on Higher Education from The Center for American Progress

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