Tony Bates has been a true thought leader in distance and online higher education for two decades. Here, he provides his interpretation of the current state of online learning within traditional universities:

“Then we look at the public sector, and in particular the big research universities, and what do we see? Clickers, lecture capture, multiple screens in the classroom, learning management systems with Powerpoint slides and pdf files loaded, and a total lack of recognition that the current formal higher education system is failing, and a total lack of vision of what is needed for the future, and the role that information and communications technologies can play in formal learning.”

Like Dr. Bates, I see the obstacles not in the efforts of individual educators – who are often doing the best they can – but in the way in which are colleges and universities are designed. I touch on some of these issues in an earlier post.

Read more of Dr. Bates’ assessment of 2009 here.

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