By Justin McMorrow

Today’s student consumers have a wealth of information at their fingertips, and they use it to direct their educational paths.  They are accustomed to an on-demand, technology-driven world, and they require fast, flexible options that meet their unique needs.

In order to deliver the truly customized learning experience that these students are seeking, schools need the tools and information that allow them to dig deeper – to gain insight that will enable them to truly understand their successful “customer” profile and make decisions to help these customers/students achieve their goals.

So, how can schools best leverage student data to deliver that sought after educational experience?

Step One: Report on student activity from prospect to placement in order to support decisions.

  • Analyze the data that is most important to your particular college, for example, student outcomes.  This allows you to make decisions faster and adapt to an information era more efficiently.

Step Two: Monitor student inflection points.

  • By analyzing student communications with your faculty, you can better gauge learning abilities and styles to determine exactly when, where and how each student can be most successful.

Step Three: Deliver education where and when students want it.

  • By tracking student enrollments and preferences, you can adapt offerings and formats, and increase or decrease programs to better meet demand.

There is tremendous opportunity for schools to gain deeper insight into a student’s learning abilities, preferences and outcomes.  By analyzing this information, schools can compile a complete picture of each unique student in order to attract and retain that student through successful program completion.

Justin McMorrow is Senior VP,Co-Founder of TopSchool and a member of the Higher Education Management Group within Linked In

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