Back in August 2009, I reported on an analysis by Bain & Co. done at UNC-Chapel Hill that set out to identify efficiencies. In today’s (April 12) Chronicle of Higher Ed, another report by Bain & Co. – this time done for University of California at Berkeley.

From The Chronicle of Higher Ed

The University of California at Berkeley could save $75-million each year by adopting a series of efficiency measures, according to an internal report released today. The university hired an outside consultant, Bain & Company, to help produce the report, which recommends coordinating purchases, centralizing information-technology operations, and simplifying a many-tiered managerial structure, in which more than half of all managers (excluding faculty members) have three or fewer subordinates directly reporting to them. Today’s report is seen as a model by some in the University of California system for how campuses could save money after severe cuts in state support.

Do we expect to see more reports of this type?

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