Interesting piece in the New York Times on Ph.D.’s in the Humanities. Not surprisingly, many don’t find work in higher education upon completion. What is surprising, though, is that the average time taken to complete the degree is 9.3 years.

I, too, did a Ph.D. in the Humanities. (Authenticity, Consumer Culture and Postmodernism, if you’re interested.) Seems like a lifetime ago. I completed it in 4.5 years while working full-time as a sessional/adjunct instructor at another university.

I was lucky, though. I had a great supervisor. My sessional position at the university led me to believe that I might actually make it to academia. And I had a beautiful baby daughter that gave me all the motivation a person could ever need to accomplish just about anything.

Below, is an interesting infographic from The New York Times (April 8, 2010).

You may also want to check out an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by University of Pennsylvania professor, Peter Conn.

And Erin O’Connor looks at the issue in her great blog Critical Mass.