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Accountability in Higher Education Book Cover

From Education Sector:

“Three years after U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spelling’s national commission on higher education and nearly a decade after No Child Left Behind revolutionized K–12 accountability, there is little agreement on what accountability in higher education should look like. While more students are enrolling in (and failing to complete) postsecondary education than ever before, scholars and policymakers have paid far less attention to questions of how well colleges are teaching students and helping them earn degrees while simultaneously contributing new research and scholarship. InAccountability in American Higher Education prominent academics, entrepreneurs, and journalists assess the obstacles to, and potential opportunities for, accountability in higher education in America. Key issues include new measures of college student learning, power education data systems, implications for faculty tenure, accreditation, for-profit higher education, community colleges, and the political dynamics of reform. Edited by Education Sector’s Kevin Carey, and American Enterprise Institute’s Mark Schneider, this volume provides insightful analysis that legislators, administrators, and consumers can use to engage institutions of higher education in the difficult but necessary conversation of accountability.”

Book Review

“The importance of this topic should be self evident in the United States. We no longer lead the world in terms of the share of our young adults with college degrees. Inequality in educational attainment across groups persists in the United States and the groups that are growing the most rapidly are the groups that are underrepresented in higher education. Tuition levels keep rising at rates that exceed the rate of inflation and we worry that increasing college costs are going to prevent us from improving our educational performance. This book will be an important one.” –Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Cornell University

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