Below is the first instalment in our “Elevator Pitch” series. For more information about the series, and how to participate, click here. We have several more “pitches” coming up soon.

Question 1: What problem does your product or service address?

The collaborative nature of higher education demands a comprehensive, fully integrated learning management system that is adaptable to many different standards and instructional modes. Many LMS are simply content management systems – but that’s not enough.

Question 2: For whom is your product or service designed?

An ineffective LMS causes pain for all stakeholders: faculty, students, staff, administrators and IT managers – especially in the face of limited human resources, shrinking donor support and tighter IT budgets.

Question 3: What is the solution you are providing?

LCMS+ is a comprehensive, integrated learning management system that can help you maximize the value of all your curriculum data. With its lean and agile structure and evidence-based focus, LCMS+ can become a valuable tool for every stakeholder in your institution.

Question 4: Why is your organization best suited or capable of doing this (e.g. existing infrastructure, talent/experience)?

Built from the ground up over five years at Duke University School of Medicine, LCMS+ is the product of the real-world demands of a high-performing academic environment. LCMS+ delivers data-driven results for accreditation, administration and analysis. In-depth tracking of goals and objectives and core competencies is a cornerstone of LCMS+.

Question 5: How is your product or services differ from current solutions?

“The quality of data that we can extract from our system is remarkable and enables us to track and assess things we could not accurately measure before,” says Dr. Edward Buckley, Vice Dean for Medical Education at Duke School of Medicine.

For more information visit or email LCMS+

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