By Clayton Christensen, author of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change The Way the World Learns.

As those who have followed the growth of online learning in the United States know, one of the best reports about the online learning field is released annually at iNACOL’s Virtual School Symposium. Titled “Keeping Pace With K-12 Online Learning: An Annual Review of State-Level Policy and Practice,” John Watson and his team at the Evergreen Education Group give both an update on general trends in the field as well as a look at what is happening with online learning in all 50 states. As such, it offers the most comprehensive review of K-12 online learning in the United States.

An article in eSchool News titled “Growth of online instruction continues, though unevenly,” recently offered a brief overview of the report. It highlighted four of the 10 notable developments that the Keeping Pace report spotlighted, two of which I found to be quite positive and two of which that may appear to be good on the surface but I believe represent some cause for concern. Because of their treatment in an article, I thought it worthwhile commenting on them.

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