Elevator Pitch: ReelSurfer

Below is the second instalment in our “Elevator Pitch” series. For more information about the series, and how to participate, click here. We have several more “pitches” coming soon.



What problem does your product or service address?

The way students learn is fundamentally changing. YouTube and iTunesU demonstrate that video is gaining momentum as a learning tool. Managing video growth is part of the challenge, but the key is delivering content in a valuable way.

For whom is this a problem?

Professors, media specialists, IT-teams and students. 

What is the solution you are providing?

ReelSurfer rescues valuable video content that otherwise sits unused on virtual shelves. We start by uploading your video to a protected university portal. We then add advanced dialog search and analytics so you can find content easily and determine your most valuable video assets. Additionally, you can create personalized clips and playlists to enhance student engagement.

Why is your organization best suited or capable of doing this (e.g. existing infrastructure, talent/experience)?

Located in Silicon Valley, ReelSurfer brings together entrepreneurs from Google, Microsoft, and Warner Brothers. By leveraging the cloud and integrating with Learning Management Systems, ReelSurfer technology combines ease-of-use, security, and same-day setup. Current clients include universities in the US and abroad.

How is your product or service different from current solutions?

Currently video is used the same way VCRs were used: record and play. However, we believe learning should be interactive. Students personalize their textbooks by creasing pages and highlighting sections. ReelSurfer translates that experience to video.

To help us build a better educational experience, visit http://www.reelsurfer.com. We are offering free pilots to select universities who respond by January 31st.

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