Below is the fifth instalment in our “Elevator Pitch” series. For more information about the series, including how to participate, click here.

CampusIT (Ireland)

What problem does your product or service address?

CampusIT eliminates unnecessary student administration tasks that add expense and no value to critical processes that are central to university operations.

For whom is this problem?

Our fifteen years experience building student administration systems and collaborating with forward-looking customers provides the sectoral expertise and credentials to deal with these problems.

What is the solution you are providing?

CampusIT Interact is a platform that empowers higher education administrators to model, configure and deploy cross-functional and fully automated, student administration interactions online.

Why is your organization best suited or capable of doing this (e.g. existing infrastructure, talent/experience)?

Interact is unique because it provides university business process owners with a Service Design Studio to orchestrate cross functional processes using an intuitive graphical user interface, starting from scratch or using Quick Start Templates.

How does your product or service differ from current solutions?

Interact is also unique because its Integration Hub makes these significant improvements in university processes that delivers better service to students, reduced costs for the institution, and greater employee ownership over how their work is done without the need to “rip and replace” existing back office student administration systems.

If you wish to participate in the “Elevator Pitch” series, please contact me directly at keithhampson[at]


  1. Is anyone else bothered by the excessive amount of business/IT-speak in this post? It does not bode well for a truly humane interaction between administrators and students.


  2. William,

    Thanks for your comment. How would you re-craft it for our admin/academic audience? If you give me a teaser that improves it, I will complete the job through your copywriting consultancy.


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