Below is the fifth instalment in our “Elevator Pitch” series. For more information about the series, including how to participate, click here.


What problem does your product or service address?

Leads360’s enrollment management software helps private sector and adult/continuing education schools get more students more easily for less money.  We improve the efficiency of admissions counselors and marketing departments looking to lower cost per enrollment.

For whom is this problem?

The need to improve admissions yield and justify the marketing spend is a problem for any school that competes for students.

What is the solution you are providing?

Leads360 provides web-based enrollment management software.  Features that any Marketing Director would appreciate include detailed reporting on the cost effectiveness of each marketing campaign, and personalized and branded emails that are triggered by an admissions rep taking an action (rather than typing it out by hand or choosing from a list of templates).

Why is your organization best suited or capable of doing this (e.g. existing infrastructure, talent/experience)?

With over 5,000 clients in industries that compete for customers, Leads360 knows what it takes to improve the enrollment process.  We are experts at what we do.  Check out our white papers at

How does your product or service differ from current solutions?

Every other enrollment management tool is not designed for the rapid pace and personalized contact that today’s prospective students require.

If you wish to participate in the “Elevator Pitch” series, please contact me directly at keithhampson[at]

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