Demos: A Different Kind of Think Tank

Demos is a London (UK) based think tank that I’ve been following for some time. Like many think tanks, their focus is politics, but they take a very different approach. Demos “challenges the traditional, ‘ivory tower’ model of policymaking by giving a voice to people and communities. We work together with the groups and individuals who are the focus of our research, including them in citizens’ juries, deliberative workshops, focus groups and ethnographic research.”

. . . Our work is driven by the goal of a society populated by free, capable, secure and powerful citizens.”

From time to time, they produce short films that introduce the subjects of their research, such as this one on power in contemporary Britain.

“What makes a person powerful? How is power distributed, and who are the least and most powerful in the nation? Demos has investigated which people around the country have real power over their lives.”

Video by Airside.

Demos Web Site

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