While the book from which much of this presentation springs is quite academic in tone, particularly in comparison to Gary Hamel’s previous titles, the presentation is powerful and inspiring – a great example of high quality content matched with perfect delivery.


2 thoughts on “Innovation in Management – Gary Hamel

  1. A pretty compelling talk that triggers two thoughts:

    1. If “Management 1.0” is 100 year old and obsolete, “University 1.0” is 250 years old and twice as obsolete.For example, I wonder whether the jobs of president or provost could be carried out successfully by anyone today. It might be intrinsic to their design that everyone in that job fails and the industry collectively is making itself unviable.

    2. Innovation indeed occurs on the fringe, in HE and anywhere else. The failure of HE is not that there is no innovation, but that successful innovative approaches and practices do not move from the fringes to the mainstream. A lot of the prerequisites for innovation exist in abundance: creativity, knowledge sharing experimentation etc.. But the structural elements, such as funding models, shared governance, tenure, etc. are intrinsically stagnant and anti-innovation.


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