The Elephant on Campus is a documentary currently in production. The film-maker has released a number of clips from the film as he continues to raise funds. The clip below is particularly interesting. From the web site, it reads “The story follows DIY filmmaker Michael Newman on his journey to find answers from the American higher education system that screwed him. Through his journey, Michael’s goal is to create a movie that is educational, engaging, and inspirational.”

The Elephant on Campus | from Mind Twin Media on Vimeo.

You’ll find a handful of other clips of the film here. (Select the “Videos” tab.)

Other documentaries on higher education, include:

Indoctrinate U. A low budget film (2007) that employs the Michael Moore method of film-making (affable film-maker, camera-operator in-tow, confronts and exposes the ridiculous and unfair). Evan Maloney‘s target? Political correctness on campus. (After spending years in a sociology department – the hot bed of PC on campus – I’m sympathetic to the film-maker’s argument.) Note: the entire film is available via

Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk. Produced for PBS, this film from 2005 examines the declining quality of higher education.

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