Five Favourite Finds for the Week of 01 15 12

New (Disrupted) Faculty Roles « Kerb Musings in Academia and Teamsports
Kevin Bell’s notes on the role of faculty in technology-mediated higher education.

Not Necessarily a Smooth Ride – WorldWise – The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Nigel Thrift questions the assumption that growth of international student enrolment will continued unfettered. 

Understanding the Economics of Online Learning : Education Next
Bill Tucker’s response to Fordham University’s report on the cost of online learning. Although the report focusses on K12, the findings are useful for higher ed, as well. 

The ‘Personalization’ of Higher Education
From the Center for American Progress: “Today, we treat higher education as a “black-box” experience managed by the intuition of faculty and administrators. Consequently, students, families, and taxpayers pay a lot of money for an offering we know very little about.” 

Twelve Education Activists for 2012
An inspiring list of people that, according to Time magazine, are driving change in education 

Author: Keith Hampson

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