Ryan Craig of University Venture Funds offers an interesting take on recent developments in digital higher ed, the limits of “badges”, and importance of the shift way from credit hours to competencies.
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Many in education balked at the terms of use for Apple’s new iBook Author application. In this article from PaidContent.org (a site worth visiting if you are interested in the economics of digital content), they address Apple’s attempt to clarify and tweak the terms. For those, like me, that downloaded the iBook application, you have may have noticed that the recent update includes a change to the EULA (end-user license agreement).
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Kevin Carey of Education Sector gives credit to the Obama administration for finally addressing the escalating cost of higher edu in the U.S.
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Claims have been made that Harvard and Princeton discriminate against Asian-American applicants.
Excerpt: “Like Jews in the first half of the 20th century, who faced quotas at Harvard, Princeton, and other Ivy League schools, Asian-Americans are over-represented at top universities relative to their population, yet must meet a higher standard than other applicants based on measures such as test scores and high school grades, according to several academic studies.”
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Omni Academy: There are certain aspects of Omni Academy’s approach that I think may be useful for the future of higher ed. Their “About us” page explains where they’re coming from.
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