Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University – creating the ‘New American University’.


  1. I like how the lines between subject areas have been broken down at ASU, but I wonder how much impact it has really had on the traditional academic culture. I work in a large, very successful psychology department, and I don’t know of many of my colleagues who work with someone just across the corridor. As far as teaching and the student experience goes, it is every lecturer stands alone – with few exceptions. I wonder what the student experience is in one of these new, clustered departments?


  2. Hi Jesse
    Your experience is similar to my own – each “lecturer stands alone” (Sounds almost noble, doesn’t it?).
    In my years on the faculty, I was subtly discouraged from asking “too much” about my colleagues teaching strategies. It was the organizational culture. I suspect the approach taken at ASU will help improve interaction, though. A step in the right direction.


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