A very interesting event is taking place later this month in New York City. Education Growth Partners are sponsoring a two-day conference, the Education Growth Summit, that will bring together entrepreneurs, college leadership, C-level executives, investors, and government representatives to explore the dynamics of early-stage investing in the education sector.

As you no doubt have noticed, the level of investment in education is growing quickly. More early companies are entering the fray and finding the start-up support they need to make it in the long run.

One of the more compelling facets the two-day event is a competition among education start-ups. The 13 finalists include:

  • BrightBytes
  • CareerMotivations
  • Conceptua Math
  • Edshelf
  • Educurious
  • Gather Education
  • Houlton Institute
  • Instagrok
  • Learning Games Studios, Inc.
  • myEDGPS
  • Mytonomy
  • RecoVend
  • Silverback Learning

For more about this event, visit the event site.


  1. It’s been rescheduled due to the storm.


  2. Thanks, Kristen!


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