University of California Online

I found this interesting. On its’ home page, the University of California Online felt the need to provide students with an explanation of the difference between their own courses and MOOCs. Their assumption, apparently, is that MOOCs have become sufficiently well known to prospective students (but with insufficient detail) that they need to make the difference clear.

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3 thoughts on “The (Apparent) Need to Distinguish Between MOOCs and Online University Courses

  1. Hi Keith,

    Its also very hard to find that page. One would think it would be under Academic Programs but you have to navigate to Office of the President > Educational Initiatives > Online Education. Once you get there all you will see is a table comparing one to the other.

    My questions are:
    1. Why are they ‘hiding’ On Line Education under four layers of sites?
    2. Why isn’t there more information about the differences?

    I think I know the answers but would like to hear from the Schools Administration.



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