As part of our series on the importance of intelligent, high quality design in online education, we’ve prepared a list of articles, books, videos and other resources for your perusal. Most of the selections below come from the world of design rather than education, specifically. Hopefully, in time, more writing on design will address education.

Design library, reorganized by topic
(Photo credit: juhansonin)

Keith Hampson, PhD is the founder of digital / edu / strategy, a research and consulting service that helps colleges, universities and education businesses develop better strategies for maximizing value. 

Reminder No. 2: Related Posts:

1. Why Design Matters in Digital Higher Education

2. Design and Screen-Based Learning in Higher Education


A Brief History of Design Thinking

Design Thinking Sparks Learning in Rural North Carolina

The Three Future Waves of Design and How to Ride Them

Welcome to the Era of Design

In Defense of Eye-Candy

Academic Articles/Books

Designing for People 

A Designer’s Art

The Substance of Style by Virginia Postrel

The Design of Everyday Things

Improving the Environment in Distance Learning Courses Through the Application of Aesthetic Principles

The Impact of Design and Aesthetics on Usability, Credibility, and Learning in an Online Environment

The Pleasure of E-Learning: Toward Aesthetic E-Learning Platforms

The Influence of Aesthetics and Content Structuring to E-Learning Systems’ Users Behavior 


Design Thinking for Educators

Don Norman: Designing for People

Design Genius (BBC Documentary)

A List Apart (Magazine)


A Glossary of Design Terms

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