This week’s collection of essays, news, and reports for leaders in higher education. 

Change Management Canvas: A Model

by Travis Barker
A useful set of tools that outline the process of designing and initiating a change management plan, a concept I on the minds of an increasing number of higher education leaders.

Delivering Design-Led Innovation

A practical, well-written report on how to use design to drive innovation.

4 Lessons for Aspiring Administrators

by Kevin Gannon
A set of tips from Kevin Gannon for new academic administrators on how to navigate treacherous terrain in higher ed.

Google Search Results to Include Student Outcomes Data from College Scorecard

by Marguerite McNeal
In a rather bold move, Google has incorporated data from the College Scorecard directly into its search results.

Disrupting Business Education

by David Rath.
Describes an interesting example of unbundling (on the academic side of the house, no less.)

Public Opinion on Higher Education

by Public Agenda
A sobering and largely ignored report on changing perceptions amongst Americans about the value of higher education.

Read the full report

Majority of Americans Want College to be Free

by Polly Mosendz (Bloomberg
Not surprising, of course. But approximately 1/2 of the survey respondents don’t want to pay higher taxes, as a result.

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