Photo by Grant McIver

Photo by Grant McIver

higher ed management

The institution of higher education is at a critical point in its evolution. Costs continue to rise and public funds haven’t kept pace. Tuition and fees have increased faster than inflation for decades. Surveys suggest that faith in the institution has declined and a small, but increasing number people are questioning the value of a degree. As many as half of graduates are under-employed. The productivity gains from technology so evident in other sectors have had only a limited impact on costs, access, or quality in higher education. For the first time in recent history, the financial sustainability of the institutional model is being questioned.  

At the same time, the importance of the institution has never been more obvious. Students need evidence of advanced skills in order to meet the demands of the labour market. Stewards of national economies tell us that our future prosperity depends on cutting-edge research and innovation.  And recent developments on the global political stage remind us how our democratic institutions rely on an informed citizenry. 

There’s no simple solution for the challenges that face higher education. But we believe that part of the answer lies in the people that work in our colleges and universities. The future of the institution is dependent on the talent, knowledge, and imagination of the professionals that run it. 

The sector needs professionals who are capable of testing and scaling new ideas, who have a solid grasp of the economics of the institutional model, who understand what technology can and can’t do for us, and know how to pull together teams that can lead ambitious initiatives despite formidable obstacles. 

Higher Ed Management is designed for the sole purpose of helping professionals build their capacity to move the institution in new and promising directions. We look forward to working with you.