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Beta Relaunch of HIGHER EDUCATION MANAGEMENT 10/01/2016

Our new blog, Higher Education Management, will officially launch on October 1, 2016. The new site is designed expressly for professionals with leadership responsibilities in the higher education sector: administrative and academic brass in colleges and universities, education-focussed roles in government, regulatory organisations, research institutes, and businesses that serve higher education. 

We plan to start small, absorb your feedback, and respond quickly. Ultimately, we think we can fill an important gap.

The challenges faced by higher education are considerable. Operating costs continue to climb faster than inflation; demands that universities demonstrate value to students, parents, regulators, and funders have grown louder; and alternatives to traditional higher education are scaling-up quickly. Meanwhile, the importance of higher education to social mobility, national economies, and ensuring an informed citizenry continues to rise.

Higher education needs more people that can imagine and implement new and better ways for the institution to fulfil its’ educational, social and economic missions. But to do this requires effective leadership in a highly decentralised organisation, with many deeply embedded vested interests. Leaders must balance the needs of regulatory systems and shifting market conditions, while still adhering to the institution’s mission and the pull of tradition.

We hope to help by providing you with highly focussed, easy-to-digest, and compelling resources specifically tailored to the unique world that is higher ed.

Each two weeks H/E/M will feature profiles of leaders in higher education management, brief lessons on key issues, commentary from experts, productivity tips to help you get the most out of your days, as well as plenty of worthwhile diversions.

As of October 2016 look for . . .


Quick explanations of key concepts, issues, and processes that leaders in higher education need to drive change in their institution.

Life &

High-quality guidance to help you become more effective at work and happier in life.


Essays and analyses from experts on key issues in higher education.


Essays, videos, and other materials to take you away from work for a few minutes.


Profiles and interviews with some of most interesting people in the world of higher education.


A collection of news, reports, and events we think serve as symptoms of where higher education is heading.

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Dr Keith Hampson, Founder
Higher Education Management